Feminicides in Area: interactive visualizations of
Feminicides in the Spanish State (2000-2010)
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Vergès, N. and Nualart, J. (2010) Fminicides in Area: Interactive visualizations of Feminicides in the Spanish State.CIMUAT: Congreso internacional de mujeres, arte y tecnologĂ­a. ISBN 978-84-693-5746-0.

Violence against women is one of the main threats that women have to face in our societies.Feminicides are the most extreme and irreversible form of this violence. It is the violence resultingin death where gender is a determining variable in explaining the crime.
The visualizations of Feminides in AREA were created in 2006. This project sought, and continues to pursue, the objective of collecting existing information on feminicides in the Spanish State to create interactive visualizations for ease of dissemination and awareness about the extent of violence against women in our society. These visualizations show violence against women that hasresulted in death since 2000 in the Spanish State in a simple and disturbing way. Although thearticle's format limits the interactivity of the AREA's proposal, we present the basic resultsdisplayed by the tool inviting its exploration through the use and the generation of questions, insights and reflections

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