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chart detail

Detail of a Circular Dendrogram for Peace Agreements data

This project is a collaboration with the organization Political Settlements Research Programme (PSRP) and the Law School of the University of Edinburgh. They have created and maintain a high quality database of the Peace Agreements from 1990 till today around the world. The database includes a number close to 2000 documents. Each document have a remarkable amount of metadata propierts, over 260 per each document! With such a dream of well indexed data, as a data visualizer I try to create tools to explore and visualize the collection. Firstly I adapted, once mor, Area, in several flavors. And also I did several SVG charts (treemaps, dendograms, bubbles, allubial, ...). At the moment we are dfining the new version of the tools that includes new documents. added to the PA-X database.

As a external professor at the Open University of Catalonia (, I coordinated a collaboration with PA-X, so our 120 students have used PA-X database to create datavis projects. The best of the projects are publñished in the PA-X database. The students are from the Data Science Master. Check them out here