Diggersdiaries: Using text analysis to support exploration and reading in a large document collection

Awarded Conference Challenge (2016): Visual Anomaly Detection in Spatio-Temporal Data using Element-Specific References

PhD Thesis (2016): Text Analysis and Visualisation: creating deep interfaces to read textual document collections

Journal paper: “Visual Articulation of Navigation and Search Systems for Digital Libraries”

Data visualization: Crossreads (v3): Word War I Diaries collection from SLNSW

PhD Thesis :: Visualization and exploration of texts (UB, 2015)

Press: Atlas of Knowledge. Anyone Can Map

Seminar: “Data visualization for researchers”

Conference paper: “Patent claim segmentation for its readability”

Visualization of Journal papers with AREA

Conference poster: “Crossreads. Towards a rhizomatic narrative”

Data visualization: Crossreads (v2), Domenica Quaranta “In your computer”

Challenge co-organizer: “Task 1 of the CLEF eHealth Evaluation Lab 2014 Visual-Interactive Search and Exploration of eHealth Data”

Article “How we draw texts: A review of approaches to text visualization and exploration”

Exhibition + Visualization: “The Listening Eye. Eugeni Bonet: screens, projections, writings” (MACBA)

Visualization of 49 text-visualization approaches

Visualization tool: CentredNets

Texty, a visualization tool to aid selection of texts from search outputs

Visference: Improving scientific papers representation using topic model analysis and web interface interactions.

Exhibition + Development: Ars Electronica (Linz-Austria, 2008)

Visualization software for “Pendent de Vot” theatre performance

Workshop: Tresnak/Tools for data visualization

Software: freeze drupal sites

Workshop: The future of the archives

Keynote: “Interoperability of digital archives”

Visualizar’09 – Public Data, Data in Public: Projects Overview

Workshop: The Scent of Information – at Art University Linz

Software for collaboration: Wikipool