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Mapping the Archive: 23 Years of Prix Ars Electronica This exhibition is discussed on infosthetics in an overview post and more detailed here.

For this exhibition I developed a couple of visualization:

  • PROXEMANTICS – meaning is in the air: Proxemantics generates a network of the keywords of all the Prix Ars Electronica jury statements. It uses the structure of texts (sentences, paragraphs, etc.) to harvest semantic relationships between annotations based on their spatial proximity. Is it possible to extract semantic meaning from a text’s linguistic code? That’s what Proxemantics is all about.

  • TEXTY – texts at a glance: Texty, texts at a glace. Texty is a picture of a text with annotations. Here you can see the list of the Prix Ars Electronica jury statements using Texty icons. Every text is represented as an image showing the structure, the lenght and the topics of the text.

  • Area: AREA is a visualization tool that allows friendly-graphical browsing of data and creation of intuitive representations.