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The third edition of Visualizar is now finished and the projects developed during the workshop can be visited until the 17th of January in the Medialab Prado in Madrid. The exhibition shows the results of the two weeks of work – from 14 to 27 of November – when participants refined concepts, gathered and parsed necessary data and prototyped the visualizations. After this time, outcomes were quite diverse, varying according to the nature of concepts, the available data and number of contributors. Here is an overview.

The Piratepie [thepiratepie.org] of Mar Canet, Jaume Nualart, and David Stolarsky, from Future Laband Ludwig Boltzmann Institute, aims to be a “piracy monitor” that would describe how, where and when Internet piracy occurs. By structuring data of all bittorent files indexed by The Pirate Bay, the team developed several visualizations such as the Pirate Voyager, an analogy to the Baby Name Voyager, and the Area Map, illustrated above, that displays quantitative data according to parameters set on the interface.