See Data for researchers presentation

This is a seminar I gave to researchers (PhD and Master students mainly) at the Graduate Research Office (GRO). University of Canberra.



Most of research projects involve data. Usually we learn how to collect data, how to interpret it, how to anonymize it, how to store it. But rarely do we learn how to represent it and, therefore, how to communicate results using new technology. Bar charts and pie charts were invented by William Playfair more than 200 years ago. The techniques to visualize and explore data have evolved a lot since then. This seminar will explore how to create attractive and efficient ways to represent research data.

This is the first of two sessions. This first session will explore

1) Data: mining, formats and transformations.

2) Visualization concepts: visualization & exploration, diagrams & infographies, visual truth & lies, interaction, storytelling,

3) The process of creating data visualizations. Visualization software & skills needed. Data & statistics tools.

4) Preparing your data visualizations for 2nd session.

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