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Museum of contemporary art of Barcelona (MACBA)

Exhibition title: “The Listening Eye. Eugeni Bonet: screens, projections, writings”

NOTE: this demo of Crossreads II is in Catalan & Spanish. Visit version II for a demo in English.



Inspired by works such as Rhizome [4] we present an ongoing project in the domain of information seeking and discovery called Crossreads. This project proposes an experimental way of reading texts, as an alternative to traditional linear reading. It proposes to break the initial narrative line of a text by segmenting it into smaller parts. Then, the text is reordered according to similarity scores, which finally offer the reader multiple paths to read the text.

The aim of this project is to explore and study the effects when a reader processes fragmented information, as well as to analyze user activity and support reader’s exploration with visualization techniques: the interaction text-reader, the text as a collection of segments, the most popular reading paths, and so on. At this stage of the project we cannot tell accurately what the benefits of the crossreading are unclear. However In the following sections, we discuss related work and influences. Then, we present the experiments done so far. Finally, we present some conclusions and directions for future work.


Eugeni Bonet (Barcelona, 1954) is undoubtedly one of the main theoretical referents in the fields of cinema, video and digital media in Spain. For forty years his writings have shown the evolution of these disciplines, establishing genealogies, working methods and the links between four different generations of artists. At the same time, his audiovisual programmes introduced subjects and tendencies that were practically unknown at each successive moment, to the point where many of them became authentic and indispensable textbooks. Moreover, Bonet has also followed a notable trajectory as a curator of exhibitions and artist, with various videos and experimental and feature films to his name. Read more >