Alluvial of Mentions :: minimalist SVG browser (2020)

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chart detail

Detail of an alluvial diagram (similar to a Sankey one). It show the mentions of human right related topics in the Peace Agreements database.

This project is a collaboration with the organization Political Settlements Research Programme (PSRP) and the Law School of the University of Edinburgh.See the last this entry for further information

Alluvial of Mentions - AoM is a tracker of 293 categories and issues/sub-issues along the PA-X collection of peace agreements.

This is a web prototype that represents the structure and the mentions of 194 categories, issues and sub-issues

What is about:

This site presents Alluvial diagrams (in most cases a synonym of Sankey diagram). Each diagram presents from left to right these columns: Category names > Issue names > sub-issue names. Each of the 293 names have a visual width relative to the number of Peace Agreements documents where it is mentioned.

Technically, AoM is a simple application that uses the great "Panzoom for panning and zooming elements using CSS transforms [Copyright Timmy Willison and other contributors - MIT license]"..